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The Master's Grip: In His Grip

The Painful Adventure of Love
Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wow, love...it hurts, something you want but it scares. I have been dating a girl for about 11 months and just the past few days we broke up, rather unexpectedly at that. It is amazing over 11 months how much your lives become entwined, how much another person is involved in your life. Love, is it worth it? Pain, is it worth it?

Does anyone like crying themselves to sleep at night, but is it not part of the growing pains of an active life? You can't live under a rock all the time, you have to taste the world, experience the thrill, experience the fall. You have to make sacrifices so that those you love can continue to grow, to find out who they are. You hate it, but it is necessary.

Love, pain: life...it hurts, it continues, it goes on...you can't stop it, but you can change with it. God is a patient God, a good God, a loving God...a God of hope but at the same time a God of change, when you entered this planet you started a painful process...but the hope is that it is a process, you won't stay the same...you're going somewhere.

Prayer, the food of the spiritual life, the lifeline...our connection to a living God.
Pain, that which changes and molds, that which moves us forward.
Hope, that for which we strive, why we continue, why we live through the pain.

In His Grip (Loving, Pure, Strong),


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